Surgeon Simulator 2013 Steam Edition is the full version of Surgeon Simulator 2013. The game is a comical take on performing organ-replacement surgery from a first-person perspective. Surgeon Simulator does not attempt to take a realistic medical approach, in part due to the nature of the controls.


A signature aspect of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is its unique and challenging controls. Players control the surgeon's hand motion with the mouse and bend fingers with the keyboard. The difficulty in performing precise movements often leads to humorous accidents, such as dropping the patient's lung out the back of an ambulance or getting a bone-saw stuck under the patient's intestines.

To make completing the game more manageable, Surgeon Simulator 2013 is not medically realistic. Players are free to remove and discard any organ they can reach, and are only required to replace the organ being transplanted. The replacement organ does not need to be sewn into place, but merely dropped in roughly the right location in the chest cavity.

The player is free to misuse medical tools, for example shattering the ribs with a hammer or cutting the intestines with a bone saw.

An operation can be failed by allowing the patient to bleed out, or dropping the replacement organ somewhere where it can't be reached (although the game will not notify you of failure in the latter case). Patients will start to bleed as incisions are made, with bleeding occurring much faster when cutting in the wrong place. Many operations contain a hypodermic needle that can be used to stop the blood flow.


There are three standard operations, broken into three tiers. The operations are heart transplant, kidney transplant, and brain transplant.

The first tier is a regular operating table with no environmental hazards.

The second tier is the back of an ambulance; the ambulance will bounce while driving, causing the player's medical tools and any loose organs to scatter around the ambulance. Sometimes the rear door will pop open, and any loose item may fall out the back of the ambulance.

The third tier takes place in space; the player's tools start out scattered around the operating room, floating in zero gravity. This mode can be especially challenging since any object that gets put in motion may bounce around the room, hitting other objects and sending them all flying. Objects can float above the player's reach, forcing the player to wait and hope they come down or try to throw other objects to bounce them back into range.

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