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"Welcome to space, Nigel... You know what to do."  -Words that appear on the screen after the level starts

Space Missions are hidden levels in Surgeon Simulator 2013 that is unlocked by completing all operations and inserting the black floppy disk labled "?????" into the disc drive. A message will appear on the computer screen and you will then be sent to space where you have to perform a heart transplant.


Goal: Perform a heart transplant.

Goal: Perform a kidney transplant

Goal: Perfrom a brain transplant


  • Space mode is a lot harder than any other mode. You have a bunch of tools floating around, and it is easy to lose the new heart.
  • To get the heart in the person's chest, you must grab the heart and shove it in there and hold.
  • Be very careful that the green needle may float and poke you. If the green needle pokes you, find the blue syringe. And be careful to not let the blue syringe touch the patient, as it will increase blood flow.
  • As of the recent update, going to the codepad in the Space Brain Transplant mission and entering "296145", you can be sucked out of the space station.
  • The space transplant is no longer consildered an "Easter egg," as there is now a tab for then in the clipboard.

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