Nigel Burke, MBBS is the main protagonist in Surgeon Simulator 2013

Background Edit

Nigel lives in England and was working in a supermarket before he became a surgeon. He is in his early 30's, was married and had children, but is now divorced and had to sell his house.

Nigel met, at an unknown point, his new girlfriend, Trisha.

One night at a bar, he met a some staff from the Barnadshire hospital and he impressed them with his medical knowledge.

He started out working as a surgeon in one of the wings of the hospital where he transplanted hearts.

Surgeon Simulator events Edit

He was eventually moved to another end of the hospital and given his own desk. There, he performed heart transplants, double kidney transplants and brain surgery to a man named Bob who had been found in a car accident.

Soon after, the hospital saw that Nigel was experienced, and assigned him to dangerous operations in ambulances; like heart transplants, double kidney transplants, and brain surgery. After performing a number of operations, a black floppy disk is placed on his desk. Inserting it in the computer makes a message appear on the screen:

"Nigel, we've been watching your performance. We require your services in a special mission.

By inserting this disk you have agreed to come and help us and an agent will be along to pick you up imminently.

Do not be alarmed...

Stand by (which turns into STAND BY after a few seconds)"

Nigel is then sent into space with unknown means and then performed heart surgery amongst other operations to an Astronaut named Bob. When he returned to Earth, he is known as the best doctor in the world.

Nigel is then contacted by an unknown alien race via VCR, which allows him to perform various surgeries on an Alien named Gworb. After he performed these operations, Nigel officially becomes the Best Surgeon in the Universe.


  • Nigel has to take pills from the Rx. There are some on his desk.
  • Nigel is right-handed (though you have the ability to make him left handed in the options menu.)
  • Nigel has a video game floppy disk on his desk after a couple of operations, the game is Deep Dungeons of Doom, which is also made by Bossa Studios.
  • Nigel may be also a reference to the popular meme Nigel Thornberry and the "I'll do this with my hands" meme.