Surgeon simulator electrocuted00:43

Surgeon simulator electrocuted

Electrocution happens on the normal hospital level when you hold a metal object to the port in the top left corner.

Effects of ElectrocutionEdit

Electrocution fries your arm and inverts the controls. There is no known cure for this except restarting the level. On mobile (tablet) version you just tap on the outlet instead of poking it with a metal object.

Achievements Edit

There are 3 achievements involving the player getting electrocuted.

And They Said It Was Impossible! Edit

Complete a procedure after being electrocuted and drugged.

Note: To get this achievement you must be both drugged and electrocuted within the first 20 seconds. Edit

Surgetricity Edit

Complete a procedure after being electrocuted.

Note: To get this achievement you must be electrocuted within the first 10 seconds. Edit

I Immediately Regret This Decision Edit

Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time.

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