Double Kidney Transplant
Kidney Icon
Recommended Tools

Keep in mind that this operations takes place in space, so the organs and tools will continue to fly through the room when touched. It is also easy to lose the new organs by pushing them above the players field of operation. This is the hardest transplant in the game. By completing this, you unlock Brain Transplant in Space Mode.


  1. Cut the large intestine with a scalpel and remove it
  2. Cut the small intestine, also with a scalpel and remove it
  3. It's better to cut and remove the liver and the stomach (important, because it's a lot easier)
  4. Cut the kidneys with a scalpel near the yellow canals
  5. Remove the two kidneys (it's better to remove them with a spoon or a pen so Bob won't get hurt)
  6. Place the two "good" kidneys. Warning, they must be well placed and well oriented
Kidney Left Space Kidney Middle Space Kidney Right Space
Left side of the space shuttle. Middle of the space shuttle. Right side of the space shuttle.

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