Procedure Edit

This operation is a bit difficult. The first thing you need to do is remove the large intestine, to do that you need to cut really close to the bottom right of his chest cavity, and then cut where the large intestine kind of branches off, it's right next to the bottom cut for the small intestine, but might be a bit hard to find.

Double Kidney Transplant
(Operating Room)
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Next, you need to get the small intestine, the first cut is really obvious, pretty much just cut on the line for the bottom one, for the top cut you need to remove the large intestine first because it blocks your cut, just get it right where the small intestine meets the stomach.

Now that you have the intestines out, you need to remove the stomach, the first cut should already be done, so just cut where it meets the esophagus.

now remove the liver, then cut where the tubes meet the kidneys. The right kidney is easy, just grab it and toss it on the floor, but for the left kidney you need to use the spoon, scoop it, grab it, and toss it.

Last thing to do is easy, just grab the kidneys out of the donor box, and plop em in were the old ones were, done.