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Now where did you leave her number...
Call Trisha

How to get the achievementEdit

Trisha New Note

The new note you'll get after calling Trisha.

  1. Grab the phone and put it somewhere in the middle of the table
    • Just move it away from the upper edge of the table so you won't accidently push the phone down
  2. Enter the number 099326071850
    • If you enter a wrong number, press the END button and start again
  3. Press the CALL button
  4. You unlocked "Call Trisha"

Also you'll get a new note of Trisha on the main menu desk.


Green Memo

Green Memo.


    Release Date.

    There is a green memo on the desk in the main menu which says to "Call Trisha!". The phone number below is crossed out and you cannot call Trisha or someone else with this number (even if you identify and enter it) but it does mean something. If you look at the phone number: 01904002013, it can turn out to be the release date of the game: 19/04/2013.
  • It is implied that Trisha is Nigel's girlfriend, though on the 'space' surgery section of the operations list, there are two annotations saying 'Wrong number!' and 'She lied!', implying Nigel and Trisha may not actually be in a serious relationship. Said annotations also explain why the number on the note isn't correct.

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