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Alien Surgery is a secret surgery which was added with the update on September 9, 2013. Gworb is a new character and the second replacement of Bob.

To enter the Alien Surgery, you'll need to put in the new VHS. To unlock the new VHS, you'll need to:

  1. Finish all surgeries and download it.
  2. Follow the instructions of the achievement "Enter The Code".
  3. Find the new VHS on your main menu desk (with alien symbols written on it) and put it in the VHS player.
  4. Input the code that is shown on the VHS screen.

The Transplants OrgansEdit

Upon entering the surgery, you'll have to enter the code "4948". You're then told to transplant one of 6 random organs (all of which will be presented to you, with no indication which is which)

Finishing the transplant unlocks the achievement "Best Surgeon In The Universe". 


  • Gworb's organs are named after a few famous YouTube personalities who have played Surgeon Simulator 2013.
  • If you cut out the Gobbleshaft improperly, it starts moving on its own and makes noises while floating around, Many think this is a child of Gworb but it has not been proven.
  • The Robbaloraz looks similar to a human liver.
  • The Birgirspallex looks similar to the human intestine.
  • Gworb is another character whose arms and lower jaw can move when the player moves them.
  • If you are stabbed by the Gavichal, it will have the same effect on you as stabbing yourself with the green syringe in the human surgeries.
  • If you poke a scalpal below the Cubed Trangrifier, it will have the same shocking effect on you as sticking the scalpal in the electrical socket in the human surgeries.

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